Our Story

SneakerPlug was founded in London by Levi at the age of thirteen.

Beginning by curating sneakers for UK and US music artists and producers, SneakerPlug quickly developed by demand into the domain of apparel, accessories, collectables, contemporary art and luxury watches.

Today, SneakerPlug has offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and New York servicing clients across the globe, including members of European and Middle Eastern royal families, sports stars, and members of the world’s most prominent business dynasties, whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality.

SneakerPlug are specialists in curating the most sought-after and rare sneakers, clothing and accessories, while maintaining competitive pricing through our extensive network of trusted suppliers.

In 2021 SneakerPlug partnered with online luxury fashion retailer Farfetch, quickly establishing the “Hype” category as a staple amongst private clients. SneakerPlug became one of Farfetch’s most profitable partners, outselling the likes of Louis Vuitton and Harrods in regards to units sold on the platform.


For SneakerPlug authentication of products, customer care and customer satisfaction is the most important part of our business. We truly believe the customer comes first, a concept lost in modern day business.

In an industry where counterfeit products are becoming increasingly common and ever more sophisticated, SneakerPlug can truly ensure authenticity of each and every product handled through our network with the use of long term and trusted suppliers. SneakerPlug will have hand checked every detail not once, not twice, but three times to properly authenticate, and guarantee our customers that products are 100% authentic.

Extensive knowledge collected over years of passion and experience from street level in the Sneaker and Fashion industry, along with partnerships with the world’s leading Brands, Jewellers and Watch experts, guarantees our consumers a superb shopping experience. SneakerPlug monitors the fluctuation of market value of products, sometimes as regular as day by day, to ensure a more accurate market value than our competitors

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